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SUMMER PACK: ideal for the summer season

SUMMER PACK: ideal for the summer season

Everybody loves sunbath and being enveloped by the shiny sea water; it's a relax for the mind but less for skin and hair.

Summer is one of the more stressful times for our body.
Extreme temperatures, salt water, sunrays, frequent drying of hair...all this has negative effects on the health of our skin and hair.

For this reason, it's important take care of our body during the warmer months, allowing it to resist without stress.

About that, Novaria has thought of two pairs of products to keep the skin of the face and hair healthy, at an affordable price!

FACE SUMMER PACK: to hydrate, to eliminate dead skin cells and to prevent the appearance of skin spots.

HAIR SUMMER PACK: to nourish, to strenghten and to prevent brittle hair. 

Beauty starts from small gestures and from the right products; let us advise you from our experience.

Happy holiday

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Free shipping in ITALY for orders over 59 €

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